Product Development

Masterson Foods has an experienced and dynamic research and development team that will help you deliver on your next big food product idea. Our team contains several full-time product development scientists with a variety of skills and backgrounds, culminating in a team with the food industry experience to lead your development process. With a fully equipped laboratory and recently renovated pilot plant, Masterson Foods has the ability to take your idea from bench-top to commercialization. Our process is designed to meet your requirements as well as your own internal quality and food safety specifications at every step of the development and scale-up process. We pride ourselves in our flexibility, trouble-shooting, and rapid sample turnaround time.

Samples & Pilot Plant

Our R&D samples are designed to closely mimic production capabilities.  They are manufactured under the same strict quality and thermal process requirements to ensure shelf stability and food safety. Initial samples are packaged into one pound sample jars.  Our pilot plant is capable of making small quantities of retail or food service sized pouches as well as one, two, and five gallon pails of product. We welcome and enjoy the opportunity to work side by side with our customers or are happy to take the lead on a project.  Masterson retains complete thermal process documentation of all of our samples and ingredient lot traceability on samples used for consumer tests. Our lab and pilot plant equipment includes:

Thermomixers (1500-3000 g)
Small Kettle Cookers (40-50 lb)
Large Kettle Cookers (300-500 lb)
Semi-automated filler and thermal pouch sealer
Soft serve and ice cream freezers

Formula Development

We custom develop most of our products. Our customers come to us with needs or projects at different stages: a concept or idea, a product they would like to match, a specification to be matched, a current formula to be improved, or a finished formula that is ready for scale-up.  The Masterson Foods team will jump in at any development stage.   HACCP and preventive controls considerations are built into the formulation of everything we design.  We have expertise on liquid ice cream toppings, variegates and coatings, icings, drizzles and bake-stable fillings, and cooking sauces and marinades. Our extensive ingredient pantry and ability to source new quality ingredients set us apart.  We keep up with rapidly changing consumer trends and expectations, including:

Clean label, kitchen friendly
Vegan or vegetarian
Fair trade

No sugar, reduced sugar
No fat, low fat


The speed from development to scale-up and full commercialization is largely dependent on customer sample approval and lead time to secure new ingredients or packaging.  Masterson Foods prides itself on our fast turnaround times and flexibility.  The typical process begins with our team making an initial prototype in the lab followed by larger batches in the pilot plant.  Once a formula receives customer approval and ingredients are procured, we will transition from trials to full-scale production.  You can expect quality, reliability, and flexibility from us throughout every step of the commercialization process.

Customer approval of samples
Flexible scheduling
Sales samples
Sample information sheet

Ingredient and Nutritional declarations
Manufacturing records
Sample testing
Lot traceability

We have the formula for your success.