What We Do

Masterson Foods is a family owned and operated specialty food manufacturer located in a 300,000 square foot facility in Milwaukee, WI.  We custom design, formulate, and manufacture products for the food service, retail ice cream, and contract manufacturing segments of the food industry.  Almost everything we produce is made from scratch.  Starting with the finest ingredients, our products are batch cooked in many different kettle sizes.  The majority of our products are shelf-stable and are packaged in a wide variety of flexible pouches or rigid bulk containers.  As a leading company in the industry, we specialize in high quality liquid sauces such as a hot fudge for an ice cream scoop shop or a savory marinade for the retail shelf.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative food products in an efficient manufacturing environment with a focus on uncompromising food quality and safety.  Be sure to visit our Technical Services page to see more information on our technical expertise, product development, and quality standards.

Batch Processing

Masterson Foods has multiple work centers with varying capacities designed to accommodate a range of products and unique customer needs.  Each batch we produce starts with the highest quality ingredients.  From there, our skilled processing specialists monitor the cooking process to ensure the batches are consistently cooked to perfection.  Our rigorous QA testing, both in-process and of the finished product, guarantees the product Masterson Foods delivers will live up to the highest standards.


At Masterson Foods, we are experts in formulating hot-fill, shelf-stable products for form-fill-seal pouches, stand-up, gusset pouches, and bulk containers.  We offer a wide array of options based on your product formulation and usage.  Our pouching lines are capable of filling as low as 14 grams for a component sized pouch and can go all the way up to 24 to 128 fluid ounces for a flexible food service pouch. Masterson Foods works directly with packaging suppliers to find a film or pouch option that fits your needs. We offer pails, drums, and totes to pack products into rigid bulk containers.  Whether your needs are for a retail style pouch, food service option, or bulk packed material, Masterson Foods will deliver your product in packaging that is right for your application.

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