Who We Are

Masterson Foods is your source for exciting new liquid food concepts, custom formulations, and unique packaging solutions. We have been manufacturing premium sweet and savory food products since 1848. Our customers, which include America’s leading food companies, dynamic restaurant concepts, and national retail ice cream brands, know they can count on us for the highest level of creativity and quality in every batch.


Our Vision is to be a recognized leader in supplying sweet and savory food products and customized manufacturing solutions to the restaurant, packaged ice cream, and contract manufacturing segments of the food industry.


Our family owned company, through a process of continuous improvement and renewal, will exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and community. We are committed to being a good neighbor, an attractive and ethical place to work, and an attentive supplier. Masterson Foods will maintain leadership in quality food products, contract manufacturing and customer service while growing in the food industry marketplace.


The values of Masterson run as deep as our heritage. We believe our Masterson name stands for:

M = Manufacturing

Food manufacturing is our core. We have been a manufacturer of sweet and savory food products for generations.

A = Accountability

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our fellow co-workers, our customers, and our community to think and act in a manner that demonstrates our unwavering dedication to each other. We understand that our actions can have lasting effects, and are committed to respectful, constructive communication and good corporate citizenship.

S = Service

Our customers choose Masterson and stay with Masterson because of our dedication to providing the best service in the industry. Our staff arrives each day with the mindset of exceeding all expectations.

T = Teamwork

Masterson understands that when one struggles, we all struggle. We are one team, we are one Masterson Family.

E = Employees

Masterson believes that our employees have made us the great company that we are today and that we will be tomorrow. We have a variety of personalities and backgrounds, all coming together as the foundation of our success. Our people take pride in creating a fun, safe, and respectful workplace.

R = Reliability

Our customers know they can rely on Masterson because we only settle for the highest quality and satisfaction of our products.

S = Safety

Masterson is deeply dedicated to both employee and food safety.  We will never take for granted the confidence and security our staff and customers have in us.

O = Opportunities

Providing opportunities for staff improvement, training, advancement, community involvement and wellbeing activities are critical to the health and happiness of our workforce.   We aim to empower our employees so they can thrive and grow.

N = NextGen

Masterson believes in leaving a better place for the Next Generation and are committed to doing what we can to minimize our footprint. We work for ways to conserve, reduce, and recycle so the resources and earth we enjoy today are there for generations to come.

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